Re: [NTLK] T-shirts (colour, style, slogans etc.)

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 21:21:40 EST

on 17/03/02 13:10, Stephen Jendraszak at wrote:

> On Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 08:16 AM, Jon Glass wrote:
>> The problem arises if enough people divert their funds from Victor's
>> project
>> to another. Yeah, competition is good for business and the consumer, but
>> this wasn't started as a consumer thing, but as a "NewtonTalk" thing, to
>> show our support for NTLK, and suddenly there is competition for the
>> job.
>> It's not like we are a large market or anything.
> I understand what you are saying here Jon, but if people want polos, I
> say let them have polos. Maybe the solution is to organize the polo
> sales off-list? Would you feel better about that?

I would gladly put the same amount Victor will pull from the sale of
t-shirts on the top of the price for a polo from Josh. If everybody was
doing this, I think everything would be fine.


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