Re: [NTLK] T-shirts (colour, style, slogans etc.)

From: John Goggan (
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 23:36:52 EST

Robert Benschop wrote:
> > That's fine -- but let someone else do it if they please and the
> > demand for both is there (which it is).
> Yes, but will proceeds still go towards the list ?

Well, that's up to Josh. I guess my point was that if people want white
t-shirts, like me, we're going to buy them from Victor anyhow. If someone
else sells black T-shirts or polos or anything else that Victor doesn't want
to do, then if it goes to the list or not doesn't really make a difference, in
my opinion, if no one else is willing to do it.

Again, I don't think Josh doing polos would really take that much away from
Victor doing white T's. From what I saw on the list, most people said that
they would either buy both or didn't want a white T at all. Most seemed to be
people that would buy, for example, a white T and a polo. Or just a white T.
Or wouldn't buy a T at all because they couldn't wear it and therefore only
wanted a polo. I only saw a couple that said that they would only buy a black
T but would have bought a white one if that was all that was offered.

In other words, I just don't think it is worth all of this arguing when I
don't think anything that Josh sells (except maybe white T's, which I don't
think he has any intention of competing with) would significantly affect
Victor's sales and therefore sales that benefit the list.

And, heck, this is all based on Josh not supporting the list. I'm sure he'd
be willing to up the price $1 per shirt or something and send that for the
list's benefit! Comments, Josh? I mean, are we all arguing over a moot point
if it will end up benefiting the list in the same way -- plus we get the
shirts we want??

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