Re: [NTLK] pdf for Newton?

From: Luiz Petroni (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 09:40:41 EST

> this might be an option. all the tools are there. there are a bunch of
> free tools to work with PDF files for *Nix. it should be possible (for
> some smart guy/gal somewhere) to run a file in PDF through filters to
> extract the text and images, and then:
> * convert it to HTML suitable for Newt's Cape
> or * convert it to LaTeX suitable for ViewMP
> or * script the ol' Newton Press
> i predict, though, that the PDF would have to be a pretty simple one for
> this to work.
> it'll be several days (daze?) before i can play with this... right now
> i'm just an idea man. :)
> --
> eric a. Farris
> Systems Administrator
> UMCES, Appalachian Laboratory

Adobe provides a free little app that runs on the desktop (Windows) that
adjust PDF files so that they become more suitable to being read in
Palm/WinCE devices ("repurpose the contents" in Adobe's terminology).
The original PDF file must be generated with this in mind for the best
results. If you have the PDF reader installed in a Palm you can read this
repurposed PDF file (with links / forms / images / search / etc) (no other
conversion is necessary).

What one need to read it with the Newton is some kind of PDF reader?
Is it impossible to develop a PDF reader that runs on the Newton?

I'm not a Newton expert but I can give some help with the internals of a PDF
file and the PDF Specs as well.


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