Re: [NTLK] FAQ Fodder: Difference between Silver A,B, Gold, Orinocco WaveLan Cards

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 10:36:27 EST

On 19/03/02 02:11, "Robert Benschop" <> wrote:

> on 19-03-2002 7:14, Jim Witte at wrote:
>> And then does anyone know the difference between the A and B
>> Wavelan cards, and which ones will definitely work with the Newton?
> If I read this list right over the past few weeks I would say both, though
> not always for everybody, I would think that this is due to the fact that
> it's an alpha release.

I haven't paid much attention, but from what I remember, people that
complained it didn't work for them were reporting (mostly) that the card
wasn't recognized when they inserted it. Something like "there is a problem
with this card. Newton cannot recognizes this card". Now, if other people
are reporting the very same revision of the card working, then I'm a bit
confused, unless the identification string returned by the cards that don't
work isn't the same, even though the part/model number is the same. That's
how it works, roughly, BTW. The Newton won't read the part number printed on
the card ;-) it just queries the card to get one of the ID string and then
it knows whether a driver registered himself to handle that specific card.
No, there are no wildcard match or any thing of that sort! The strings must
match perfectly, or the Newton will report it can't recognize the card.


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