Re: [NTLK] Jobs, Skully, Apple II, and Newton...

From: Michael S Szpisjak (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 14:53:26 EST

Apple needs to get out of the hardware business and push platform products.
Killing the Newton was stupid! But now the answer is not to try and hit the
streets with a New Newt or iWAlk, the answer is to bring the PDA market into
the "Digital Hub" strategy first.

The Palm Os is on 77% (info world, Network Magazine) of all existing PDA,
and divested the Palm hardware division. Apple needs to buy the Palm OS
division and secure 77% of the PDA's out there are in the loop. Palm OS is
in legal trouble right now with Xerox over the hand writing recognition
software, Graffiti. Apple withheld their Newton's Handwriting Recognition
software, the very best program at the time.

So just build the next Palm Os around Apple's Technology not Xerox's. Wait
a minute! I said that wrong! I remember reading about some Tour of the Palo
Alto Research Center coming to minds. So just build the next Palm Os around
Apple's patented technology, not Xerox's.

THEN think about introducing a hardware product to compete against your
existing "Palm Os hardware compliant manufacturers."

Let us learn the lesson of the Mac-clones. Get out of the hardware business
when you are going to promote and introduce hardware competition that uses
cheaper labor, designs, components, etc.


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