[NTLK] newbie experience: First connection to cpu

From: James Lopez (jimmlop_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 14:40:22 EST

I finally got connected to my computer. Problem I was having is that I
can't get a USB serial adapter and of course I have an iMac--& I don't
have any ethernet connection stuff either. My computer at work is an
old 6400 but it's not connected to the net, so I couldn't dl software.
So I made my zip useful--dl'd from the net the required software, copied
to my portable usb zip and took it to work and copied the software to my
work computer that has an internal zip drive. Installed NCU and a bunch
of packages including package converter and the update to OS2....that I
found on UNNA and elsewhere

First my newton MP130 wouldn't connect..I chose serial type of
connection..but got nothing. But then I tried appletalk connection type
and it worked fine....

Did I miss something,,,I thought that serial was normal connection
type...no biggie though, appletalk connection is fine.

Only other problem is that the Newton Tour app. won't run. an error
keeps popping up...don't remember # and Newton is still at work so I
can't check. I first installed it on the card, then I moved it to
internal. Still gets error.

Prolly is for OS2.1? Its the only Tour app. I can find on UNNA however
and the newton handbook for OS2 that talks about the tour seems to be
refering to the 120/130's. Anybody else get the Newton Tour Pkg. on
UNNA to work on a 130?


Jim Lopez

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