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>The ultimate point is Apple must evolve into a platform company if it really
>wants the other 95% of the market. In order to allow time for the change
>over Apple must continue doing what it has been innovating Hardware, a
>modern Os, and acqusation of other companies with powerful ideas and
>products; powerschool, and all the little media companied Apple has gobbled.
> Where has all this led to, well the Darwin video streaming server was
>rated top Notch by Network Computing Magazine (not a to mac friendly.)
>PowerSchool is the Student information system, and I have seen quite a
>few knock-offs or home-brews.

And this is not going to happen. Not unless Apple suddenly decides to make
an Intel-compatible version of the MacOS. The Rhapsody episode shows Apple
backing off on this. And Microsoft will make sure that Apple will never try

>I see the next big Apple acquisition being Novell. Novell was forced by
>Microsoft to become a smaller more focused company. Novell has met that
>challenge and is on a rebound. With the stock so cheap Apple could buy
>Novell and give the Mac Os a proven/stable/secure enterprise solution that
>is also highly prevalent in education. If Apple wanted to kiss up to IBM
>they could hack off Groupwise and add Lotus Notes.

You must be joking. Novell develops a proprietary networking environment.
The whole world, even Microsoft, is going TCP/IP. Only an idiot would go for
a proprietary networking protocol!!! And Lotus Notes is the biggest
nightmare to hit the IT world. I've seen mega disasters in the corporate
world using Lotus Notes: Despite all the promises, it doesn't scale up.
Interoperability is the name of the game and having proprietary stuff doesn't
improve on that. Apple's OS X is based on FreeBSD which is open source. Why
would or should they take a massive leap backwards with IPX?

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