Re: [NTLK] Jobs, Skully, Apple II, and Newton...

From: Judy Perry (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 18:34:07 EST

Kinda reminds me of the infamous 'there are rumours that we've killed
Hypercard. I just want to say that this is total bullsh*t...' comment
Jobs made at Educause. Of course, the team had pretty much been
dismantled at the time he made the statement.

Typical Jobs.

Judy Perry

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 wrote:

> Maybe so, but what really burned me up was the public statement/press release that he was bringing Newton Inc. back into Apple so that they could devote the necessary resources to market the Newton and that he felt a spin-off company would lack those resources. Then he killed it.
> I'm sure he had his reasons, and maybe they were good solid business reasons but I have not felt 'right' about purchasing an Apple product since then. I have always wondered if I would buy the iMac and then Jobs would decide to re-focus again and kill the iMacs. (I know, a bit over the top but Apple lost a serious convert (me) when they killed the Newton the way they did) You can't (or maybe you all can) imagine the crap I took at work once Apple killed the Newt. I think they all were suffering from Newt-envy!
> -Tom

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