[NTLK] Possible Dream?

From: Gao (gaofar_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 20:17:46 EST

Hi all!

In view of Apple's recent launch of Bluetooth USB peripheral, something
struck me as obvious.

Well, since Mr PCBman has been able to create the famous SER001 to add a
Mini-Din 8 port to our beloved 2100, wouldn't it be possible to add, maybe,
a USB port in the same relative way?

OMG! I'm thinking of a Firewire port now! Now that will really keep the
Newton up in pace with technology! Is it really possible???

Just dreaming...

Gao p(^.^)q

"There once a lady named Bright,
 Who traveled much faster than light.
 She departed one day, in a relative way,
 And returned on the previous night."
                              - Anonymous

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