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From: Ed Kummel (
Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 23:36:49 EST

The keyboard "just works". There is no prefs, no
software, just plug it in and it works! Now...I have
seen that sometimes when I plug in my keyboard, I
sometimes have to turn off and turn on the Newt to get
it to recognize that the keyboard is indeed plugged
in...but there is really nothing needed to get it to
work. If you find that it isn't, then you either have
a bad keyboard, a bad dongle or a bad dongle
port...Obvious ways to check is to try and use the
port and dongle to do something else. If that works,
then you have your answer.

As for the app that "freezes heap". Well, again, there
technically ISN'T one. Freezing heap is built into the
Newt. The only problem is that that functionallity has
been turned off. What you need to do is get an
application that turns ON the heap freezing function.
Once that happens, you can just trash the application.
Personally, I used a program by Hardi Macia called
Igor. Back then, it was free (I don't know
now...haven't been to his site in years) I'm sure that
there are others out there...perhaps try SBM?
web/gadget guru

--- Mike Hamende <> wrote:
> How does one access the external keyboard on a
> MP2x00?
> I plug the keyboard into the serial dongle and it
> doesn't do anything.
> ie I hit the keys and nothing happens. Yes I'm in
> an app where text
> can be input.
> I can't find a pref or anything to turn it on.
> What am I missing?
> The FAQ just says you can only use an Newton
> keyboard, it doesn't say
> anything about getting it to work.
> What is that app that frees heap? Is it in UNNA?
> Thank you.
> Mike

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