Re: [NTLK] MP2000/2100 220 Mhz Upgrade Service

From: Chris Searles (
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 00:02:25 EST

>I am emailing the list to determine what interest there is for someone to
>provide the speed upgrade service to list members that do not feel
>comfortable performing the upgrade themselves.
>I have paid a visit to pixsolutions website and they charge 160 US$ for
>their speed implant which is effectively the same as what i would be
>offering. The price for me to perform the upgrade would be much less. I
>can provide any interested people with pictures detailing what the final
>upgrade would look like and the good news is that my method would allow
>you to switch back and fourth between the two speeds to maintain
>compatibility with non-upgraded Newton's.

Just for curiosity's sake: How does someone like Ferdi even manage to get
his hands on such an upgrade implant, i.e. are there really companies
around which still produce such add-on accessories for the Newt? Or has
he just been able to buy up some old stock of such accessories that
people are beginning to sell out en masse, similar to the 2x00 now being
sold by so many resellers on ebay?

Chris Searles

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