[NTLK] Newton Instant Messaging - Update

From: Jesse Garnier (lists_at_stonehopper.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 00:58:33 EST

Like most computer problems, it turns out the issues I was having with both
NewtJab and NIM were errors squarely between keyboard and chair.

My misconfiguration -- using only the Jabber ID and not
<jabberid>@<jabberserver> -- of both Newton Jabber clients was the problem.
Once I used the fully-formed login, both clients worked largely without

Once again, both NewtJab and NIM work as advertised when configured
properly. Kudos to Eric and Jake. Nice work!


P.S. E-mail + IM + VNC + Web + 802.11 + ATA makes one very powerful little
machine. I can't thank enough all of you that made it all possible. Thanks

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