[NTLK] MP 130s on E-Bay?

From: Bob Dawson (bdawson_at_affinitygroup.com)
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 13:43:01 EST

Well it looks like I've forestalled the move to another platform a little
longer ... just bought a MP2100 to replace my worn, tired, and very tattered
MP2K (among other things, it's seen and survived two falls form the top of
my moving car!).

But now that it looks like the old Newt is retiring, my kids (12 & 9) are
fighting over it, soooooooooo, I'm considering buying them 120s or 130s that
appear to be available very reasonably. But It doesn't look like some of
them are accompanied by original software disks, so my question to the list:
Are images (Mac) of the original 120/130 software available somewhere?

Also, while I have your attention, any recommendations for some fun stuff
for a kid's Newt?

Thanks in advance,

Bob Dawson
Prepress Director
TL Enterprises, Inc.
"Recreation At Its Best"
Ventura, CA

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