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Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 14:58:45 EST

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>> On 3/23/02 @ 11:25, Eric L. Strobel wrote:
>> This issue isn't a discriminator, though, since it's
>> not going to be any different on the 2x00, as the
>> screen isn't *that* much bigger.
> Uh, are you talking physically or pixel wise?
> Pixel wise the 2K devices have twice as many pixels with a resolution of
> 480x320 pixels whereas the earlier Newts such as the 110, 120 and 130
> have a resolution of 320x240 pixels.
> Sushi

You don't write in area, you write in a line, so 2x pixels isn't all that
meaningful. Besides, it's the physical size of the display that counts.
That's why the Palm is so absurd, even the Newt is below the physical size
of what most folk will feel comfortable writing *extensively* on. There's a
reason why paper comes in the sizes it does. Some folks will use a Steno
pad for note-taking, but that's only smaller than regular size because it
was originally used for taking *shorthand*.

So, I still maintain that for extensive notetaking, a keyboard is pretty
much mandatory. And that for taking down just a few key points, the HWR on
the 130 is adequate.

You get the 2x00 when you can because of all the OTHER things it does so
well. The faster HWR is then a nice bonus.

- Eric.


Eric Strobel (fyzycyst_at_NOSPAM^

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