Re: [NTLK] "Newton is unable to print"

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Sat Mar 23 2002 - 23:49:06 EST

on 23/03/02 12:34, Chris Searles at wrote:

> All of a sudden I've begun getting the above message when I try to print
> from my Newton 130 to a LW 4/600. It worked fine until now and I'm just
> wondering what the most likely causes of such a failure might be. Also,
> does this have anything to do with the amount of memory available, i.e.
> does a minimum amount of system memory have to be available for the
> Newton Chooser app to successfully connect with the LW (since after not
> being able to print to the LW I switched to my StyleWriter 2500 and that
> worked)?

It is quite possible that the amount of memory required to print on your 130
exceeds what the 130 has.


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