[NTLK] NS Question: how to access slot in parent frame

From: Jim Witte (jswitte_at_bloomington.in.us)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 01:11:19 EST

   Well, my current assignment is to write a Calculator applet in Java.
I was planning to hack up the same thing in NewtonScript in about an
hour, to show how much quicker NS is.. Well, that never happened..

   But I did find one quirk/bug/oddity: I have a base protoFloatNGo
("base") and a clParagraphView ("display") which is declared in the base
view. The base view's viewSetupFormScript calls a method in "display"
which then sets a slot in "base". Here's the code:

base :=
      currentDisplayNum: nil,
      debug: "base",
      _proto: @180 /* protoFloatNGo */

display :=
                base.currentDisplayNum := 0;
      debug: "display",
      viewClass: 81 /* clParagraphView */
AddStepForm(base, display);
StepDeclare(base, display, 'display);

with the minutiae concerning viewBounds and whatnot removed. When I run
it, it tells me that the variable 'base' is undefined in updateDisplay.
Of course it is, it's not a variable. Then I chage
base.currentDisplayNum to parent.currentDispalyNum, and it tells me
"Object {class: <an immediate>, funcPtr: 7037727, numArgs: 0} is
read-only / evt.ex.fr;type.ref.frame / -48214" Anyone have any idea
what's going on here?


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