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From: Gao (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 09:24:16 EST

Thanks Laurent!

Gee! I didn't know of the incompatibility of the microdrive to the ATA
driver! Thanks alot for the info! So, what sort of drives does ATA driver
support specifically?


Gao p(^.^)q

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> on 24/03/02 05:22, Gao at wrote:
>> I found this dealer on eBay & he goes by the name of Burkhart Distributor. I
>> think he must be selling some of the most cool stuff I've seen. He had alot
>> of auctions of Iomega microdrives and other related products.
>> He claim to be an authorised seller for Iomega! So if buy from him, the
>> warranty will be recognise by Iomega! Best of all, he sells international!
>> For a 340MB microdrive plus PC-card adapter for $135 & free shipping within
>> USA, where can you find such a good deal?? I'm gonna get one and wait
>> fitfully for the completion of ATA Support software!
> Gao,
> If you're buying this card in the hope of using it with your Newton, you
> might be really disappointed. Somebody on this list already tested a
> microdrive with the ATA driver and it didn't work. Basically, the hard disk
> is way too slow for the Newton. OTOH, if you don't mind wasting $135, that's
> fine with me ;-)
> -Laurent.
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