[NTLK] Help - 2100 dying

From: Darl Singh (darl_at_ses.net.nz)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 16:59:35 EST

Hi guys
I'm after advice: my u2000 is spontaneously locking up: display, backlight etc just lock (ie BLight doesn't turn off
after 1 min as set and the system is unresponsive to external stimuli) - pushing reset doesn't work, only way to get the
machine working again is pull the battery, let sit for a minute or so and reset.

A week or so back it went one step further - lost everything and told me 'a new ROM has been inserted' (or some such)
and lost its system update + all data.

I pulled the ROM card, cleaned the contacts and reinserted - but still have the lockups.
Up until then, I was getting occasional bus errors - ie postive numbers on the 'an error has occurred' messages.

The lockups occur even with no extensions and a brain-wiped machine with both PC slots empty - altho I haven't had a bus
error since pulling the ROM.
Unlikely to be a power error as the screen still shows what was there before the lockup - and of course disappears once
the battery is pulled.

An ideas on anything I can try - or is this machine toast?

Am keen to try any suggestions that might resurrect it...or will end up with my Laptop as my only protable device :-(

TIA for any info

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