Re: [NTLK] varietyshop newton impression from canada

From: mimi cipollone (
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 17:35:01 EST

doesn't fedex charge 25$cnd for customs brokerage, like ups does
 and then you pay 15% tax gst and sales on top of sale price

i know the post office fee for collecting taxes is 5$cdn

just interested

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Subject: [NTLK] varietyshop newton impression from canada

> Just thought I'd update the list on my experience with buying a cheap
> newt 2100 from varietyshop on ebay, and having it shipped to canada.
> The newton arrived in fairly good shape.... so far seems fine
> physically... the backlight isnt as bright as the one I picked up
> from Mr2ndhand, but it does have both back door clips, which is nice.
> I must say the only thing I am unhappy abt is the shipping... but
> even then I cant really complain, bc they are one of the few sellers
> (or the only one?) willing to ship to canada. They charged me $25US
> for FedEx shipping, but the package arrived some 2 weeks later via
> USPS/CanadaPost, with a postage cost of $8.30US. So I paid three
> times the postage rate.... I enquired abt the switch from fedex to
> USPS, and was told really nothing abt it, except that USPS is a long
> drive for them and I should be happy to get the newt at such a cheap
> price. (still dont get why they didnt just use fedex then).
> Anyway, still, in the end, abt the same price as drop shipping would have
> And I shouldnt really complain, seeing how I got the newt and
> accessories for $110 (plus the 25 shipping).
> Now, can anyone point me to some good sites abt 2100 take apart? I'd
> like to switch the case plastics and the sites I've been able to find
> dont really give a detailed description of how to crack open the
> newt. (just remembering my first powerbook Duo take apart and how I
> snapped the plastic tabs at the battery by not reading the technical
> manual first.... of course those were fixable with pins and a
> lighter, but I dont really want a cracked newt case that wont seat
> back together properly).
> Thanks,
> ~Alex
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