[NTLK] Wireless without WAP?

From: John Goggan (jgoggan_at_dcg.com)
Date: Sun Mar 24 2002 - 21:16:00 EST

Can I do wireless from my Newton without having a stand-alone WAP for a LAN?
In other words, can I buy one of the (much cheaper) 802.11b USB Adapters for a
PC or Mac -- and then have the Newton talk to that using one of the supported
WaveLAN cards? And then use the PC/Mac to route traffic from that USB adapter
and thereby give the Newton access to the Net, mail, and so on? Or do I have
to have one of the standard Access Points (i.e. with an ethernet connection to
a hub, for example) to do anything decent?

Basically, if you can do it to one of those USB adapters, then I can get it
all working for under $100 ($50 for USB Adapter at PC/Mac side and $50 for
(used) WaveLAN card for the Newt). That would be much nicer than what it
looks like I'd have to pay for a solution using one of the ethernet Access
Point devices...


 - John...

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