[NTLK] [DOH] PC slot pin bent

From: scotty technoir (ticknor_at_punkass.com)
Date: Mon Mar 25 2002 - 17:14:27 EST

Hey gang>>
Has anyone ever messed up their PCMCIA slot pins? I have. I have an MP2K
and a 2MB card that I use in the bottom slot. Today when I wanted to
test a Wi-Fi card in the upper slot, I noticed it would not go in all
the way. I looked down in there and sure enough there's a bent pin, the
last one [or first]. It must have been from the dummy card, as that is
all that has been in there recently.
So, after perusing the take-apart pages and realizing the only way to
get to the pc slots is to remove the whole board, i [perhaps foolishly]
tried to carefully straighten it with a butter knife. It looks more
straight now, and my memory card will go in fairly smoothly. But when I
power the Newt, I get "newton cannot recognize this type of card". So
there must be something amiss.
Is there an easy way to a)straighten the pin without a takeapart or b)
an easy way for me to gain internal access to the slot without taking
the mobo out?
Any ideas will be most welcome
>>scotty t

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