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From: Sushi (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 10:12:42 EST

>On 3/26/02 @ 3:12, Jeremy Bond Shepherd wrote:
>Well, Jon, that sounds great. I wish my MP2100 did that.
>If I do the same thing you described, and start typing,
>I get nothing. I have to pick up the pen and tap to get
>the caret into the note.

Let me add to the discussion as I did some testing with my 2100 and
keyboard (very dusty as it has seldom been used).

Doing the following steps:
- Turn Newt on
- Start Notes
- Select NEW note
- Turn Newt off
- Connect keyboard
  Newt automatically starts
- Press keys on keyboard
  Nothing happens
- Use pen to select insertion point
  Carat appears
- Press keys on keyboard
  Characters are entered into note at the carat

Continuing test with the same note:
- Disconnect keyboard
- Turn Newt off
- Connect keyboard
  Newt automatically starts
  Carat is present in note
- Start typing
  Characters are entered into note at insertion point (carat).

So it appears, that if you have a note that has an insertion point
(carat), and the note application was running when you turned off the
Newt, when you connect the keyboard the Newt will turn on, and you can
immediately begin typing characters.

What about works?

It appears that with Works, there is always an insertion point (carat).

Also with Works, if the Newt is on, and you connect the keyboard, then
start Works, you can immediately begin typing since a carat will be
present -- even on an blank note.

I hope that this clarifies things a bit.


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