Re: [NTLK] SER-001 and keyboard initialization

From: Sushi (
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 12:03:30 EST

>On 3/27/02 @ 1:10, Johannes Wolf wrote:
>If the Newt is in sleep mode it will wake up - and perform the
>initialisation we need for the Kbd to get it recognised. Thats what I meant.
>And again: I cannot check it right now, but if I understood Sushi right:
>if the Newt is on and you insert the Dongle of course he does not need to
>wake up but some initialisation must be performed, otherwise the Kbd would
>not work before the Newt is switched off/on again.
>If I understood Sushi wrong, then the Init is performed during start up only
>and the Newt must be switched off and on again if he was on while plugging
>the Kbd.

Hi Johannes!

Good morning from Japan (it's about 2AM).

Yes, you understood me correctly.

If the Newt is on, and I insert the Dongle (with keyboard attached), I
can immediately begin typing on the keyboard and characters will go at
the insertion point (carat).

For fun, based on Victor's earlier question as to whether or not the
keyboard was attached, I did another experiment.

With the Newton on, I inserted the Dongle. This time without the keyboard
attached. Then I inserted the keyboard connector into the Dongle while
the Dongle was still attached.

This time the Newt did not recognize the keyboard inputs.

I tried the same experiment with the Newt off, then plug in the Dongle,
then plug in the keyboard connector. Some result. The Newt did not
recognize the keyboard inputs.

Apparently there is something in the Dongle that triggers the Newt to
look for peripherals. And whatever it finds, it can use.

However, once this event takes place, and then you connect the keyboard,
until you either unplug the Dongle and reconnect it, or turn your Newt
off then on, the Newt will not recognize the keyboard since it doesn't
know to look for it.

I hope this makes sense.

Anyhow, my Dongle and I are tired and need a rest! ;-)


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