[NTLK] WaveLan/Airport

From: Robert Benschop (rbenschop_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Mar 26 2002 - 17:42:16 EST

Now I want to use my Cube as a Software Base Station and connect with my
Newt to the web.

Since this didn't work I tried this with my newly acquired TiBook (thanks
list, quite a few members were involved in getting this marvel to me, and
Laurent, Paul already shipped the empty box, still thanks for offering a
helping hand) but that doesn't work either.

Anybody experience with this ? It might be my local ADSL which uses LAN
Tunnelbuilder for the access protocol, and it looks like it just won't work
and I'll need a real Base Station and a Router.

BTW, the TiBook starts by connecting to the page and just never gets there,
while the Cube renders it within seconds.

Though it's slightly off topic it is to get my Newt on the web as well...

Robert Benschop

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