Re: [NTLK] Other Dreams of MP3Newt: Digital sound out of serial p ort/MP3 decoder chip interface

From: Vladimir Alexiev (
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 16:36:09 EST

> > I saved a 3.5min file at 22kHz 64kbps and it went to
> > 1.7Mb (MP3, haven't yet been able to transfer/soupize it).
> > This means about
> > 22 songs. And I think I can go to even lower bandwidths
> > without worsening the quality too much.

I now tried 11KHz/24kbps and 11Khz/16kbps (that's listed as 2kb/s and 1kb/s
respectively), and this shrinks the file to about 600k and 450k. You can
hear that it's lower quality, but it's listenable.

> I agree with you because I found the same w/ 8kHz, mono and
> 64kbps. The Newton audio is bad enough to hide the bad MP3 quality.

Right :)

> I like my solution more: dedicated MP3-CD-player.

Of course.

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