[NTLK] NIE DNS ethernet problem

From: Vladimir Alexiev (Vladimir_at_worklogic.com)
Date: Wed Mar 27 2002 - 19:46:13 EST

I got a big problem making NIE work.
- I have a 3C589D card. Tested it with a notebook, works.
- I'm plugging the newt to my Rogers_at_Home cable modem. My PC works
fine plugged there.
- the green conn lights on the card and the cable modem are both on.
- I got Farallon and 3COMaddon installed. Internet Setup correctly
reports my Ethernet card.
- I tried with Manual (specified the same IP/mask/DNS as the ipconfig
of my PC reports)
-- NewtsCape just hangs there
-- SimpleMail reports "can't resolve IP address". My PC when plugged,
resolves the same address fine
- I tried with DHCP.
-- NewtsCape just hangs there
-- SimpleMail causes NIE to report "DHCP server unavailable or unable
to configure this device".
- I tried using the 3C589 and FarallonEnet drivers and got "error
occurred, try reloading the device driver. (-61001)"

- any ideas what I should try?
- are there any internet diagnostic tools for the newt? Eg ping and

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