[NTLK] 32MB Cards / Waiting List...

From: John Goggan (jgoggan_at_dcg.com)
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 01:04:41 EST

Hello all!

If you had requested to be on my Waiting List for more of the used 32MB cards
(at $35 each; $30 each for 3 or more), then you should have just received an
email explaining that I was able to get some more cards and detailing how many
you requested and how much you should pay. It explains pretty much
everything, I think.

For those that were not on the Waiting List, but are interested... I had 59
cards spoken for on the Waiting List and was just able to acquire 70 more
cards. Please note that I am NOT accepting any more orders at this time
except for possible adjustments for those that are already on the waiting list
(their email explains what to do if they need to make an adjustment).

Unfortunately, I do not expect to be able to get any more 32MB cards. I just
bought out all that my source had left -- and he does not expect to be able to
get any more either. So, as far as I know, this is it. I therefore will not
be doing another Waiting List at this point in time -- please do not email to
ask to be added, as there is no list. If something changes in that regard, I
will post to the list and let everyone know. Sorry.

Thanks to all those that waited -- sorry it took so long to finally get things
worked out!

If there are any cards left from the 70, after the Waiting List people have
had a chance to adjust their numbers, I will post to the list again and let
everyone know that they can buy up whatever is left. Again, please do not
email me asking for them at this point in time unless you were already on my
Waiting List (in which case you should have gotten that email a few minutes

If I have made a mistake and you did NOT get an email from me, but thought
that you were on the Waiting List already, please let me know and I will
double-check my records.

Thanks, everyone! Talk to you later...

 - John...

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