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From: Anthony Velasco (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 23:51:42 EST


Not a problem, the special is still good. Thanks for your request and your
interest in Tactile software. I'm assuming that you want to pay via PayPal,
so I'm sending the relevant instructions. Let me know if you otherwise
prefer check/money order and I'll send those instructions.

You have requested the following software (discount price shown):
        NewtFTP - $20.00
        Reminder - $10.00 (rounded down assuming you will make the full NewtonTalk
donation listed below)
        Solito DX - $14.00
The total amount for your order is: $44.00(US)

Your NewtonTalk donation will be: $15.00

To pay via PayPal (

1) Send payment for the total amount listed above to the following PayPal
email account:


2) If you are not a previously registered PayPal member, please pay
particular attention to the payment requirements for "confirmed" member

3) Please use the word "Tactile Software" in the subject line of the PayPal
form. Please be sure that we have your full name for update/upgrade/tracking

4) Note that certain conditions or restrictions may apply to international
payments. Please allow sufficient time for processing.

5) The Unlock Code(s) will be sent to the email address in which you receive
this message, unless otherwise indicated in the PayPal "notes section" of
the payment form.

6) When making your NewtonTalk donation
( please include "Tactile Software" in
the subject line of the PayPal form.

Thank you very much! Keep the Green!

  Anthony Velasco, USFWS-Ecologist/ecotoxicologist

This Newt's trekking through cactusland and lov'n it!

Managing Sales and Licensing for Newton Software at: - Tactile Systems, Inc.
Contact me via the above E-mail for more information

-----Original Message-----
Hello Anthony,

I would like to register the following software from tactile:
NewtFTP (reg code=329246126), originaly $30
Reminder (reg code=272357620), originaly $15
Solito DX (reg code=262677153), originaly $15

I hope I'm not too late for this deal, as I have internet access only at
and I'm out for the weekend in a few hours :)



Mse trained to mix concrete and                                 Hendrik
sign complicated insurance forms

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