Re: [NTLK] Asking again......

From: MuHammed Lonon (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 09:28:09 EST

Yes thank you but I guess then my question is what
wireless card works best with Newton???

--- Chris Myers <> wrote:
> On Thursday, March 28, 2002, at 08:22 PM, MuHammed
> Lonon wrote:
> > So you are saying no matter what card I use I
> would
> > need access to the server for configurations???
> >
> > If not what is the best card for the Apple "side"
> of
> > campus ie., Airport and such??
> >
> Yes, because many times the people in charge of the
> network hide the
> wireless networks so you can not see them, because
> if they were wide
> open anyone could just come in and use the network.
> As a matter of
> fact, I know that the building I am in now has
> wireless access, but I
> can not get on it because I do not have the network
> name and the
> password. As a matter of fact I can not even see
> the network listed in
> the network list.
> Again, you are splitting Apple vs PC - it is all the
> same - there is no
> difference. As long as you have a card that works
> with your laptop and
> with the network standard, it will work with your
> network. Do you use
> different ethernet cards for Macs and PCs? No,
> because ethernet is the
> same, so the cards are the exact same. The wireless
> access is all built
> on the 802.11 standard the same as all desktop
> computers are built on
> the ethernet standard (which has a number but I can
> not remember). So it
> does not matter what side you are on, as long as if
> you have a 802.11
> card and the correct settings you can get on any
> 802.11 network. Again
> the best place to turn for these questions would be
> your IT department,
> because your campus might be different. If they
> have their wireless
> network, they should be able to specifically help
> you get on if you are
> having troubles. We can only help you so much in
> explaining how it
> works, but if you really want to use your campus'
> wireless network, you
> will need to check with your IT department, because
> they know how it is
> set up. There might even be other restrictions in
> place that we do not
> know, such as MAC address blocking etc.
> Hope this helps

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