Re: [NTLK] Jaggies/contact cleaning take two

From: Jeremy Bond Shepherd (
Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 16:12:29 EST

Well I tried cleaning a second time last night, and no better. Jaggies
still present, probably worse than before I made the first cleaning attempt.

>1. Did you clean the 4 contacts of the translucent flexible ribbon cable
>from the display?

Yes, I cleaned the 4 contacts on the ribbon cable with my "Contact Cleaning
Pen" from Rat Shack.

>2. Have you also cleaned the gold contacts on the mobo? Today I found that
>some grease was used, probably by Apple to protect the surfaces.

Yes I did clean the gold contacts on the motherboard. Could this be a
problem? Was the grease there to help make the contact? If so, should I
replace it? What with?

>3. I would suggest to use a very fine glass fiber brush to clean the contact
>pads, especially those of the ribbon cable.

OK. Where can I find a very fine glass fiber brush? Would Rat Shack have
something suitable? I did notice that te contacts on the ribbon cable
aren't "shiny" like most contacts are. They had a slightly dull appearance.
I don't know if this is normal or if it indicates a problem (oxidization?)

>4. If you did all that I might be that there's really something big stuck
>between display and case. Did you remove the display and clean both sides,
>the display and the case too? This might be worth doing.

Did that.

>5. Cleaning with alcohol is definitely good but it will remove only grease
>and not the oxide.

I used my isopropynol pen this time around. I presume oxide removal will be
by the glass fiber brush cleaning?

>6. Check for the small soft foam which is supposed to press the ribbon to
>the mobo. Maybe this beast got weak, needs replacement or is dirty?

Aha, I did look at that this time. It's very low-profile. I don't know if
it's really pressing against the leads or not. Maybe I should take Victor's
cue and cut a small piece of paperboard or foam to raise the level of that
pad. Anyhow, I did clean it with the isopropynol pen. It didn't really look
dirty though.

Any other ideas/tips/suggestions welcomed.



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