[NTLK] Have I killed it?

From: Jim Witte (jswitte_at_bloomington.in.us)
Date: Sat Mar 30 2002 - 23:51:12 EST

   I opened up my Newt (UM2000) tonight to take out the little plastic
piece next to the NIC to make an audio jack, and left it totally
unpowered for about 5 hours. Now it won't turn on. It's getting power
somewhere, because I can hear a capcitor whine, but neither the power
switch nor the reset button works. Will the 2000 do strange things like
this if the supercap leaks all it's charge? I have noticed in the past
that mine often doesn't want to come back on after it's been totally
without power, I'm wondering if it's just this one, or if there is some
little flaw in the electrical system. Can the supercap be replaced, as
I assume capacitors can get leaky as they age?


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