Re: [NTLK] Did I kill it? - No, and an observation about the power switch

From: Jim Witte (
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 01:04:05 EST

   Well, I didn't kill it after all. The power switch board was seated
wrong somehow, either that or the wires have a small intermittant break

   But the circuit board that has the switch looks like it's a bit too
*long*? I'll try to explain (embedded vector-based engineering diagrams
in email would be nice ;-) Looking down at the shell (screen side down,
NIC port side facing the top, there's the stationary plastic nub to the
left of the sliding power switch. Left of that at the top is the slot
for the board, then there's a square post, then the top of the pen
holder. at the bottom, there's a symmetrical arragement. Further
toward the bottom past the there's a "wall" of plastic about 1/4 inch
sticking out from the pen well.

The top of the board has a nub at the top that fits over (toward the
screen side) the plastic at the base of the slot, and the metal switch
component fits against the square post, which constrains the vertical
position. At the bottom, there's a rounded cutout toward the screen
side, and the bottom edge of the board hits against the "wall". But it
looks like it's a little long, so the board has to bend slightly to the
right to fit.

   I also noticed that the switch itself has a "locked position"
(inaccessable by the plastic switch part).

   I thought I'd have to get a second Newton for a while (and it would be
a good idea anyway :)


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