[NTLK] MP2000 and mobile phone

From: Sacha (sascha103_at_hetnet.nl)
Date: Sun Mar 31 2002 - 18:15:01 EST

Hello, list,

This is a question for european users: I live in Holland and would like to=
know wich hw/sw solutions are a best fit to do the following:
- I would like to use the MP2k as a dialer and to prepare SMS for a mobile=
phone (cool way to phone: dial from the Newton and use a headset to talk,=20
hide the phone in your pocket)
- I would like to use the build-in application "Names" to dial (also to=20
fill the phones internal adresbook with phone numbers and names)
- If it's another application: I would like to log the length of teh call=20
and assign costs according to the time called
- The Newton should be able to display incoming calls and SMS-messages
- I would like to use the serial port to dial (not a must)
- I have a Siemens M35-phone, and I could use a Nokia 3210 instead (I do=20
not need fancy phones). Any other - cheap - solution is welcome
- And finally: where could I get the necessary hw/sw



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