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Now I have done it!!! Broke off the post that holds the spring that puts
tension on the battery contact and now the battery will not work right in my
old green friend!!! Anyone have an old broken Newton 2x00 that they would
like to part with so I can rebuild my friend?

your help would be greatly appreciated

Brad Padgett

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would like the information on how you repaired your Newton so that I can try to fix mine.



Ok, I'll try to explain how I did it. Please, ask a lot of questions if you aren't following me.

The pin broke off at its base, where it attaches to the case. I noticed that the pin is tapered, so here's what I did.

Drill a hole (not all the way thru) where the pin broke off (File the surface flat if necc. so you can hit the exact center), turn the pin over and insert it in this hole with some 5 min epoxy.

The hole that you drill must be slightly larger than the tip of the broken post (pin), maybe the width of the post, ~1/16 of an inch from the top. (This way it fits snuggly in the hole - which in fact makes it sturdier than before I think). Remember, don't drill all the way thru-as I remember: the hole I drilled was only 1/16" or 3/32 deep.

Test the fit: it should be very snug. The post will be a little shorter than before, but I found that this was not a problem.

Once your satisfied with the fit, mix up some 5min epoxy, then dab a drop inside the hole and insert the broken post into the hole (up-side-down). Let it set for a few hours and you should be set.

This is the only way I could think of fixing this since it takes so much pressure from the spring.

CLewis Pueblo, CO

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