[NTLK] [ANN]: GPRS script for Novamedias Globetrotter PCMCIA phone card

From: d0pp13r (roman_at_pixell.net)
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 10:55:04 EST

dear list!

a functioning NIE script for the mp2k and novamedias option trotter GPRS
PCMCIA card phone has been successfully compiled. i will soon publish this
info at my website, but here is some pre-info for peer review, anyway...


the trotter card is an interesting add-on for newton users, due to the smal= l size and the moderate energy consumption. other cards need to be removed after usage due to their form factors, but this is not the case with the trotter. also, GPRS is a cost-efficient way to use the newt as a wireless terminal. for regular mail usage with msg size filters appplied, it is difficult to end up with hefty bills. (variable cost 2EUR/Mb in sweden)

some problems were experienced with previous versions of the script, but after some trial & error, i finally managed to make it work properly. the script will now be checked with other units, so that the reliability of the functions can be affirmed with various heap amounts and delay requirements.

what still remains is the actual phone functions, which for now only work from novamedias firstfone (fifo) package, but the amplification is to low i= n order to be useful for regular use. (you can *barely* hear the voice on the remote side, using nokias headset item HDC-6D)

credits to cam guhl for helping with the scripting and pointing me to the necessary drivers and jan f=FCllemann at novamedia for HW support.


you can find pics of the trotter at my webpage: http://www.pixell.net/doppler/GT

the general product description and more pictures are to be found at novamedias trotter pages and in the PDF manual: http://novamedia.de/pages_e/e_produkte_globetrotter.html http://novamedia.de/pdf_dokumente/globetrotter_e.pdf

below follows the current script for the 2100, you will need to add it to a *serial* NIE setup and match the "internet setup" information in the "owner info" package with this script for smart location aware settings. (if you like, try to alter the script so that the delays will suit your newton better, or exclude functions that were added - note that all functions are not necessary.)


Setup Name: GPRS Option Globetrotter RC1 Protocol: PPP Configuration: Server User ID: your user ID goes here When closing, disconnect: after 5 minutes Primary DNS/Name Server Address: ***.***.***.*** Alternate DNS/Name Server Address: ***.***.***.*** Domain Name: <your ISP domain goes here> Login Script [15 Steps] Send: "AT" Pause: "1.2" Send =B6 Wait For: "OK" Send: "AT+CSQ" Send =B6 Pause: "2" Wait For: "OK" Send: "AT+CGDCONT=3D1,"IP","","" " Send =B6 Wait For: "OK" Send: "ATD*99#" Pause: "1.2" Send =B6 Wait For: "CONNECT" Done Advanced Settings Port: Top PC Card Baud Rate: 57600 Parity: None Stop Bits: 1 Hardware Flow Control: on Logout Script [10 Steps] Send: "+++" Pause: "1.2" Send =B6 Send: "ATH" Pause: "1.2" Send =B6 Wait For: "OK" Pause: "1.2" Send: "ATE0V1" Send =B6 Done



roman pixell


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