[NTLK] [ANN] NewtMEDIA is up and running!

From: Luiz Petroni (lpetroni_at_compassoarte.com.br)
Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 19:54:23 PST

Hi gang,

After a week fighting with HTML&CSS I was able to upload v1.0 of
NewtMEDIA web site!

Please point your favorite browser to:

And now the good news:

I'm ready to take orders for the Newton Baseball Cap (more details and
photos are on the web site). Initial prices are:

Option 1: US$ 30.80
Black cap with silver logo
Other color combinations under request
Airmail Priority Service (15days) + insurance
Includes US$ 1.00 NTLK donation

Option 2: US$ 43.50
Black cap with silver logo
Other color combinations under request
Airmail Express Service (7days) + insurance
Includes US$ 1.00 NTLK donation

Prices are flat worldwide.
If members can take bulk orders or anyone would like to redistribute
the caps I believe we can lower the shipping costs. I'm open to any

I have two projects ready to go but we would like to hear from you:

acrilic or wood - handcrafted - foldable - with neoprene case

leather or neoprene/nylon - handcrafted - internal & external pockets
to be decided later

What we do next?

I'm proud to announce the initial draft for NewtBITS, a PDF interactive
magazine fully dedicated to the Newton Platform! I'm currently
finishing a draft for the magazine layout, including typology,
interactive navigation and hyperlinks.

Of course this project is very ambitious and I unfortunately do not
have the necessary time and resources to work completely dedicated to

I intend to act as an editor/writer/reviewer/publisher but I would like
to invite the members of the community to join me as regular or
occasional contributors, be it with articles, photos, stories or
anything else you may think can be interesting to the community.

For now I will try to contact Andre Garzia from The Green Edge to see
if he can act as the main editor so that I can focus in the production
area. Hope he is hearing us now. I anyone is willing to help me
starting this project please email me privately.

I have set the following basic structure/sections for the magazine:
1. Editorial = newtons, apple, computers, poutine and things alike -
please write to us
2. Cover Article = software or usability article
3. News = recent news and announcements since last issue
4. Tech Newton = technical article (hardware or software) in one or
more chapters
5. Me and my Newton = stories and interviews of NTLK members
6. Market Place = are you a reseller of newton items, advertise with us
7. Classifieds = for anyone wanting to sell newton related items (free)
8. [ We are finishing other ideas and will inform soon ]
9. [ Your suggestion go here ]

The mag will be published monthly in the form of a downloadable file
posted in our web site or in UNNA (if Victor don't see any problem).

We would very much appreciate to receive any comments or suggestions
both about our web site, projects and products.

Luiz Petroni
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