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From: Luiz Petroni (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 03:34:42 PST


I have a draft under design which was prepared based on information and
examples I gathered through the internet and some ideas and necessities
I had. It is a somewhat foldable desk stand that can hold the MP2100 in
landscape - no circuits / no hole for pen / no nada.

For wood or acrilic I will be able to produce the unit internally.
For metal I will need to use a partner for the production.

Characteristics of the Stand
Foldable but with no circuits?
Not foldable but with some kind of circuit to act as a dock?
Hole to hold the pen?

I would like to hear from the community about such DESK STAND (there
was I thread about this topic recently) so that I can further evaluate
the project and publish a draft idea prior to start production.

I'm open to any suggestions. Contact me on or off list.

Luiz Petroni
NewtMEDIA - Newton Merchandise & More

On 02 / Dec / 2004, at 03:10, Michael Blazer wrote:
> Hi Luiz,
> The desk stand sounds quite useful. I didn't see it on your website --
> will there be details and/or photos?
> Michael

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