Re: [NTLK] T610 Blunt No joy

From: Sonya Hipper (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 13:16:49 PST


Well, to start, you would only have to do that if you look in there and=20=

it says "None Available" for both lines, indicating that something's=20
caused Bluetooth Setup to "forget" them.

That said, I just leave it with the default services that come=20
up--Serial Port (4) and OBEX Push (10), respectively--and it works=20
dandy with the T68i.


PS: I have a Marware Executive Stand, but it ain't in my closet. It's=20
on my computer desk with a 9W FastCharger cable and my Serial cable=20
(when I use that, at this point) dangling behind it. And no, you (ANY=20
of you) can't have it. :-P

>> I've been able to use the T68i to get=3D20
>> online since, only occasionally having to re-perform the "Get
>> Services"=3D20=3D
>> function on Bluetooth Setup.
> I don't remember having to do that... Did you pick any of the
> particular services from the drop down menus after doing the get
> services? I am unsure if you need to, but I have a feeling this =
> me with the t68i...
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