Re: [NTLK] Updated "Anyone Want 11 Newton 2100's"

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 19:36:09 PST

On Dec 2, 2004, at 6:53 PM, Mark Jozaitis wrote:
> I did not mean it as being rude or any
> thing.

Your original message said:

> I have 11 "parts" Newtons, that don't have much in
> them if any thing and have bad screens. They are all
> the 2100's. Does anyone on here what to buy these?

> If not they go to eBay.

Then today you say:

> This is an update to the earlier post, I think it
> would be easier for everyone to get the picture of the
> Newton's for sale, and MANY people were interested so
> they were listed on eBay here

So you looked for interest here first, and when you got it you made an


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