Re: [NTLK] A suggestion for publication format (re: NewtBITS announcement)

From: Luiz Petroni (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 03:46:03 PST

Thanks for the reply Matt and Gavin!

> I think this is a fine idea, provided that new and interesting content
> can be
> developed. I wish you luck with your idea, and I am looking forward to
> seeing
> what you can pull together! :O)

That's my major challenge! And I must admit that I'm counting with
members of our community to join me and contribute with
regular/occasinal articles. I'm finishing the draft layout for the
magazine, selecting editorials (with help from Andre) and will send it
for evaluation & feedback to people interested in collaborate with the
project. After this, I will publish issue #1 and ask for additional
feedback from all the community.

Nevertheless I'm completely open to receive any suggestions now or
during the next month because this will help me and the editorial staff
to further evaluate the magazine prior to publication.

> One suggestion: instead of only publishing in the Newton-unfriendly
> .PDF
> format, consider publishing your newsletter in Newton eBook format as
> well. It
> would kind of defeat the purpose of spreading the Newton love if
> readers can't
> enjoy your publication on their Newtons! Good luck!

For the production I will be using InDesign/Photoshop/Acrobat. I
decided to use PDF because it was my idea to publish something more
rich than a newsletter and enhance the reader's experience with
interactive features like live hyperlinks to web sites, quick time
animations (newton screen dumps animated) to be used in software
reviews or technical articles, photos, and other exciting thing I'm
currently evaluating. The final PDF will be small to medium kB size and
can be downloaded and read whenever required. The Acrobat Reader is
free, also.

I also though about a Newton Book but all my experiences with Newton
Press and Newton BookMaker were really frustating. What I can do is set
InDesign to tag the styles in the original file and then I will be able
to export a tagged text file to be converted with NewtonPress or

This way I will publish a interactive and a text version of the
Hope this is what both of you were thinking about.

Suggestion annotaded and under implementation, thanks!

Luiz Petroni
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