Re: [NTLK] SER001 installation

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 13:01:40 PST

> I have the SER01, and it's bump isn't an issue... it's just a small
> bump. There is no crack though.... that would be an issue.
> Frank, are you saying you take a dremel to the area where the
> connector of the SER01 is going to touch the Newton bottom case?

No. Using a tool that's rotating with a minimum of a couple of
hundreds of rpm, I'd be much too afraid of accidently destroying

I use a plain small file and remove about 1mm of the area where the
connector will touch the case. It would be theoretically possible to
remove the material from the connector and not from the case, but
the SER001s that I have installed didn't have that much material
left to remove without sacrificing the sturdiness of the connector.

As I said, it might not be required to remove
anything at all. There are cases where the SER001 fits just fine without
making the case bulge, and there are cases where it doesn't. Since
I always install them the same way (and the way they are supposed to be
installed), the reason for the bulges that I saw can't be faulty
installation. That doesn't mean that faulty installation can't
result in a bulge, as David quite correctly pointed out.
I am inclined to think that, although it sounds unlikely, the reason
are manufacturing tolerances in the Newton case and / or mainboard.
I'm experiencing the same with rebuilt batteries. There are Newtons
that'll eject them easily, and there are Newtons that won't eject
them at all unless you file something off the pack.


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