[NTLK] internet connection over serial/bluetooth?

From: Madscientist (madscientist_at_macunlimited.net)
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 15:46:19 PST

I'm trying to ressurect my newton as an uber remote control for my imac that
I use as a media centre and want to use bluetooth because it uses a lot less
power and suchlike.

However until I learn newtonscript* I plan to use a web server on the imac
and use a browser on the newt but i can't find out how to connect to the
computer as if it was an internet bridge thingy over a serial cable or

is it even possible? on any os mac 9/X/windows

*also, has anyone seen a program that will simply output letters to the
serial line without messing about in programming?

Edward McCaughan

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