Re: [NTLK] Hiroshi Lives!!!!

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 19:55:31 PST

on 03/12/04 22:12, Patrick McFadden at wrote:

> Yup, I definitely restarted it....
> When I instert the card I receive: Error code (-48807) One of the
> lights does power on for about 5 secs
> Then
> When I open "Card" it does nothing, just sits there.......
> I have installed:
> NIE 2.0 From UNNA
> IE "inetstup.pkg"
> "inetbl.pkg"
> "modmsup.pkg"
> "isptmplt.pkg"
> "loctsup.pkg"
> "enetsup.pkg"
> I have also installed the Driver Hiroshi sent me:
> Lucent WaveLAN V1.0b
> As well as the "More WiFi Cards" package
> I am using a Lucent Wave LAN Bronze card... I have heard that they
> should work in non encrypted networks, but I cant even get that far....
> Any more ideas ppl?
> -pat

I see that you have installed the Windows version of NIE. I don't know how
it's named on Windows, but it seems you're missing "Newton Devices.pkg",
which is the Mac name. I don't see any package in your list above that has
any resemblance with that name, so I think you're missing it and that would
explain the error you get.


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