Re: [NTLK] Things to do with my newton?

From: Don V. Zahniser (
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 06:28:51 PST

If you are interested in science fiction and e-books, I recommend to you
Baen Books <> and the Baen Free Library
<> - They provide free, downloadable e-books
in multiple formats (HTML, RTF, Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket, etc).

The publisher has taken a very refreshing view of the relationship
between availability of free downloads and hardcopy book sales. As they
have been offering free downloads in various forms for several years, it
must be working for them. If you are interested in this debate, you may
want to read the introduction on the Baen Free Library page, and some of
the "Prime Palaver" columns from the 'head librarian'.

Some authors who have chosen to contribute works for free downloads are:

David Drake, Eric Flint, David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, David Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and many, many others.

Baen has also provided CDs containing e-book copies of titles in the
Baen Free Library in at least two hardcover books that my wife and I have

I have no relationship or connection with Baen Books other than
tremendous respect and appreciation for the publisher, and love for the
works of the great 'stable' of authors who publish with Baen. My
library has literally dozens of titles from this publisher, mostly in

Tom Stock wrote:

>How about e-books, etc, which could be in newton readable format (maybe

Don V. Zahniser
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