Re: [NTLK] Sony-Ericsson T610 update

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 09:29:13 PST

On Dec 4, 2004, at 6:59 AM, Robert Benschop wrote:

> I wrote recently that the Bluetooth on my T610 seemed a bit flaky,
> since I was suspecting the (ancient) firmware I had it updates and it
> now works like a charm.
> BTW, this is Bluetooth between a T610 and a Bluetooth headset, don't
> have a Bluetooth card for my Newt (yet).
Oh yeah, I meant to mention in my previous thread that I also had my
T610 flashed with the newest stable firmware...

Although the guy who did it for me (he's a phone expert) told me the
very old firmware was a stable release also.

Didn't make any difference for my Bluetooth pairing anomaly with this

I also have experienced some strange unreliability from this phone,
but disassembling it and cleaning the mic contacts and the SIM card
contacts seem to have rectified this... I hope.

Still hoping for a work around with the echo packets issue...


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