Re: [NTLK] Possible way to advertise the virtues of the Newton

From: Mark Jozaitis (
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 15:28:44 PST

Well, The way I see it, is that the Newton is great
for many things.. Despite its size (a good thing but
some people don't like) The Newton is a great sales
item. I have been selling about 10-20 of them a day
here in our town ( approx.. 25,000 people in our
town). And we sell about 30-40 per month on our
site(s) and about 50 on eBay. And there are a lot of
people that don;t know about computers. The Newton is
a great device... I just sold a school in my town 40
eMate 300's and the love them. I think since there
are people making new parts for the Newton and such
the Newton could be re-marketed fairly easy. I don't
want to explain all the reasons since it may take
about 2000 words:)... Anyway the Newton could be
displayed for what it is VERY easy.

Thanks All!
Mark Jozaitis

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