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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 22:25:35 PST

Aux environs du 5/12/04 à 12:20 -0800, sous le titre "Re: [NTLK] A
NEW WEB BROWSER FOR THE NEWTON???", paul oberman prit sa plus belle
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>You don't understand, I am loading cnn in 15 seconds, with a full html
>browser on my treo 600 with a cdma 1x connection. Mind you, this is the
>full web page with all images. The 1x connection isn't even in the same
>ball park of speed as a dsl. Only 40k per second. You can see an example of
>the kind of pages that load on
>Very impressive I imagine that if you had their browser and a dsl
>connection. The page would load in about 5secs

It may be very impressive, but the browser at reqwireless isn't a
real browser. That's why it doesn't support JavaScript, for example,
and anything that is client-side.

They have a server that grabs the page for you, transforms it to be
readable by your Treo 600 and then serves it to your Treo 600.

Courier is a real browser, albeit incomplete, but completely autonomous.


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