[NTLK] More Newton goodies to clear

From: Stanley Ian (Ian.Stanley_at_uk.fujitsu.com)
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 08:03:10 PST

Currently I have the following for clearance through ebay

Please see
Z50QQsosortorderZ1QQsosortpropertyZ1 for full list

 Apple Newton 16mb Linear Flash Card 5736030815 =A318.00
 Rare Apple Newton EtherWave Ethernet card by Falleron 5736030626 =
 Original Apple 2100/2000 stylus 5736030476 =A34.00
 Hayes Fax Modem Card (for PC/Newton and Mac) 5736030314 =A33.00
 Apple Newton Serial board for 2x00 5736030116 =A310.00
 Apple Newton Keyboard NEW BOXED 5736029885 =A330.00
 Apple Newton Keyboard 5736029590 =A320.00
 Original Apple Newton Fax Modem Card 5736029330 =A34.50
 Apple Newton 4mb Linear Flash Card 5736029180 =A310.00
 Original Apple Newton Fax Modem 5736028853 =A35.00
 Apple branded 2mb Linear Flash Card 5736028437 =A36.00
 Apple Newton Serial board for 2x00 5736028189 =A39.00
 Apple Newton 8mb Linear Flash Card 5736027668 =A39.00

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