[NTLK] Ian Stanley vs NTLK

From: Adriano (se6ciocco_at_libero.it)
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 11:06:25 PST

'Ian Stanley'

Read his posting i knew about his eBay selling auctions,=

and more than once i spent a bit of time to take a look on them on eBay=

on Ian's eBay auctions an Apple Serial Fax costs on 'buy it now' 29,0=
So i started to think that he uses NTLK just for making me dumb
d below the question:

 - Why Victor let him post his selling news so f=
requently? -

[I thought that a selling auction could be posted on NTL=
when it could be of help to the Newton Community only.

Although i =
happily spent a lot of money on researching new ways to use my MessagePad=
i'm not happy to read the friendly phrases of anyone who have found a =
way to let me know how to
spend all my funds on a MessagePad.]


P.S.: Really sorry for being so unfriendly

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