Re: [NTLK] German & English dicts on a newt?

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 12:48:17 PST

> I am unsure about having two on one Newton... However
> I have been looking for a NotePhone or a German OS
> Newton... For a Long business trip I will be
> making...

Be aware that the NotePhone Newton has a 1.x OS. That means
slow and poor HWR. If you plan to use cursive HWR (for which
the 2x00 Newton will use the built-in dictionary), you'd be better
off getting a German 2x00. If you are using printed (letter
by letter) recognition, an English OS 2x00 will do just fine.
I'm using one of those on a daily basis, and it recognizes
all the German umlauts and the EsZet just fine.


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